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Full-stack mobile and back-end software development

Mobile Applications

We develop native mobile applications for Android and iOS from scratch. We offer modern material design according to your brand for any OS version.

We deliver Apple iPhone and iPad applications to Android phones and tablets. We provide UI redesign and adoption for Android with respect to your brand.

Back-End Services

We create back-end & cloud services when your app needs it. We provide full-stack outsourcing and outstaffing: database & cloud storage design, implementing server-side business logic, RESTful web services design and implementation with respect to security, high availability and scalability.

Remote Team for Rent

Rent our developers to implement your awesome features. Pay only for the FTEs you need. Agile development process. Scalable development resources. No staff risks for you. No need for deep diving into labor legislation. Grow your Virtual Team as you go. Choose flexibly between outsourcing and outstaffing models.


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Learn how we work. Choose what you need.

  • Help an Idea

    You have an idea on a new startup but you need help of a technical engineer? We help you create an architectural vision of your project, choose IT infrastructure for your current needs but scalable for future growth, define the phases of development, estimate features, identify the risks.

  • Plan a Success

    We help you plan your resources carefully to minimize expenses. We provide you with detailed information on cost of every feature so that you can decide what is the best to do first. We compute the cost of infrastructure for every phase of your project and offer ways to minimize the overall cost of ownership.

  • Develop iOS Applications

    Our best engineers develop iOS applications of the highest quality. Great user experience guaranteed! As we make an accent on the killer-features, success is inevitable. Create your unique service and start making money. Choose between outsourcing and outstaffing.

  • Develop Android Applications

    Expand your services by reaching out to Android users. We offer highly professional porting your Apple iOS apps to Android platform. We adopt your design to create the best Android user experience utilizing platform's greatest features. It's also a good idea to start with Android first and benefit from the world's biggest ads platform.

  • Create the Cloud

    Offer your customers 24x7 online services. We create back-end services for mobile and Web applications on the highly available cloud platforms as well as at your own dedicated servers. Our experienced engineers design highly scalable data storages, implement business logic features, develop secure RESTful and SOA web services.

  • Go Social

    Reach the next level of user experience by making your services social. We are experts in integration with the world's most popular social networks and API providers: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Dropbox, Foursquare, Instagram, LinkedIn, VK, etc.

  • Ensure Security

    Having e-Banking solutions in our portfolio, we've proved ourselves as leading professionals in mobile and Web security. Your project will be as safe as a bank. We secure the whole chain: mobile storages, network interaction, back-end services and databases as well as development and support processes. We offer industry-best authentication and authorization solutions.

  • Manage IT Risks

    We identify, minimize and manage the business risks associated with the use, ownership, operation, involvement, influence and adoption of IT within your project. We make sure you are timely informed and ready for any challenge. We offer tools and options to minimize the risks and avoid the impact. Outsource your risk management at no additional cost.

  • Support & Maintain

    We provide professional support for all our products. We make sure everything works fine. We offer separate Operations and DevOps staff for financial solutions where you don't wish the developers to access production environment. We're eager to collaborate with Operations and DevOps teams at your site if you don't want to outstaff your support teams.

  • Constantly Grow Your Services

    Do you have a constant need to develop new features? We can offer the best solution for you: outstaffing a dedicated team of developers working in agile manner without paperwork. You pay for developers, not for features. You are free to request more developers in your team or reduce your expenses any time you want.

  • Still

    Contact Us

    Contact us and to discuss your idea and your needs. There is no fixed cost per application. Our prices depend on estimated amount of work and technical skills relevant to your project. We will provide you with the most detailed information on our prices so that you can choose the best option. You are not sure whether you need an outsourcing or oustaffing services? Choose after you get a precise calculation.

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